Fair-Play Football Scoreboards deliver all the vital game information your fans want to see. They feature doublestroke time and score digits, and can be customized with a wide variety of display options including electronic team names, rear-illuminated captions, field and sponsor identification signs, and messaging displays that further engage your audience. Bring your football stadium to life with Fair-Play football scoreboards.
Fair-Play Basketball Scoreboards deliver all the game information they need with player statistics panels and timeouts left. Player statistics panels for five or six players show which players are on the court, their total points and fouls. You can even customize the cabinets with standard colors at no extra charge. For added versatility, these units are also designed for multi-sport use with a simple change of captions.
Fair-Play Basketball Scoreboards are always a win-win for the home team.
Baseball / Softball
Fair-Play Baseball/Softball Scoreboards deliver essential game information with clarity in virtually any environment and from any viewing angle. With a wide selection of options, you can custom configure our scoreboards to deliver the information and functionality you need such as at-bat indicator, pitch speed, and field time with signage areas for sponsors or team logos. Step up to the plate with Fair-Play Baseball/Softball Scoreboards.
Track & Field
Fair-Play Track & Field Scoreboards effectively display the results of your indoor or outdoor meets. Each scoreboard clearly displays event number, lane number, time and competitor placement. Or you can customize Fair-Play Track & Field Scoreboards to include measurements, total team scores and other event details. The scoreboards can also be combined with various interfaces and accessories including the Omega PowerTime timing system to display meet results. Finish first with Fair-Play scoreboards.
Fair-Play Volleyball Scoreboards deliver all the game information fans need to follow the number of player digs and player kills, plus the score of each set. The units employ three LED digit colors (red, amber and green) to clearly differentiate and organize time, score and player information. The game score section highlights the scores from each game so you know how close your team is to winning.